FAQ’s about the Core Crusher app in english

Hi everybody,

As some of you know, I’ve been busy making a trainings-app for the past few weeks. I want to give you a little more information about that, because I get a lot of questions about this.

How it started

When the Corona crisis started I was very panicked because all income was lost. I am self-employed and not employed by the gym. I also noticed that my personal training clients do not like to train remotely online or in the park, but rather wait until the gym is open.

My dear colleague Laura told me about this app that I could fill in myself and I started doing that.

Why can’t the app be found in the App or Playstore?

I did not make an app myself, that would take months and would be too expensive for me, especially since there is hardly any money coming in now. That is why I chose this option and that is why you can only order the app through me and it cannot be found in the app store or play store.

What does the program entail and why?

My app contains a program of 15 minutes a day workout, 5 days a week for 15, – a month.

The same workout every Monday, the same every Tuesday and so on.

I chose a short program because I noticed that customers can not train for very long at home, they are easily distracted. This is an achievable goal for everyone. In addition, for many, income is also lost, so I wanted to make it affordable.

Every new month starts with a new program, with new workouts.

How does the app work?

In the app you will find an easy to follow program. Everything with a short video- and written explanation and by me in it. You can also track results, track your progress. You can also pair it with Myfitnesspal and a few other apps.

The app has a calendar on which the workouts are scheduled. You can move the scheduled workouts and this works like a well for many people. I can also see if customers have done their workout or not, and we can chat via the app. You can also log in and use the system via the computer, if you prefer.

Do you want to know what it looks like? Here is the manual with screenshots. https://www.sitawillemse.nl/gebruiksaanwijzing-core-crusher-app/

Do I have to train live on a set time?

No. The app has all the training info you need to start straight away. The additional workout video’s can be viewed whenever you have the time for it.


I made the program entirely in English and Dutch, for non-Dutch speakers I have an English version (with my lovely Amsterdam accent haha)

Is that all? Is it for every level?

No, that’s not all! Via email I send exclusively made videos of the entire program to my customers, in which I participate and give many variations on exercises. If you have physical complaints or are unable to jump at home, for example. No problem! It is therefore possible to follow for every level.

Why only 15 minutes per day?

The goal of my program is to help my clients develop a healthy habit of regular exercise. Short sessions of 15 minutes are achievable goals. I firmly believe in the power of repetition. If you do these workouts for a while, it will become your healthy new habit, and you will miss doing them if you don’t. Frequency is very important. Avoid skipping workouts, and make sure to do them as early in the day as possible to avoid procrastination.

I want to train longer than 15 minutes a day, is that possible?

Yes! I send clients of the program extra workout videos, which are hidden on my Youtube channel, especially for them.

If they have certain requests, I make videos on a certain topic. For example about training booty, neck pain, things like that.

Why are you posting less workout videos on Youtube now?

Because I am so busy making videos for customers of my app, I now also post fewer workout videos publicly on my YouTube channel. All time goes into my app for paid customers and that is my preference, because I have to be able to pay my rent, and they support me.

How do I know if training with Sita is right for me?

You may already know what my videos look like or how I teach, if not, you can find many videos on my FB page and on my YouTube channel!

My approach is always humor, positivity and above all to give you confidence and fun. So with me you will not find stylized perfect workouts, but a cheerful session with energy.

Can I end my subscription whenever I like?

Yes you can, just send me a message and I will end your subscription. I don’t give refunds, but you can end it whenever you like


I hope you have an idea of ​​how it works.

Do you like my workouts and do you like them, then join us! Join the club 🙂

No money or rather not? Tell your friends about my program, like my Youtube and share my workout videos or this message, I am very happy with that too!

If you are interested, send me a message or email sita@sitawillemse.nl

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