Core Crusher app manual:

You have installed the app. What is next?

Home button

Welcome page. Here you see the workout of the day (if there is one that day).

“Messages” gives you the opportunity to ask questions or send messages when you click on the icon.

At the bottom of the home page is a brief explanation of the app.

How do you follow a workout?

Starting from “schedule”, “programs” or from the homepage you can click on a workout,

Press it, and:

You will see a written summary of the number of exercises and their names, below is the button that says “Start workout”

If you press that, you will end up on a colored page.

The name of the program is written in lower case below; press it

Now you arrive at the first exercise of your workout. You see an image, you can press it: this is a video with instructions and tips. If you want to stop, press the video again; it stops.

Below the video, the colored area shows the number of repetitions (reps) or the number of minutes / seconds. If you are just starting out with the program, you may have a different time or number of reps, you can note this at “notes” in the white section below the video.

Under “notes” you see a video camera: with this you can, if you grant access to your camera, film yourself and view or keep track of your own technique.

To the right of the video camera is an “I” from Instructions, below is a written explanation of the exercise in your workout.

At the bottom of the screen you will find a stopwatch, which you can use for exercises where you perform a posture for a few seconds or minutes.

At the top right of the screen, there is a small white rectangle and to the right three stripes on top of each other.

Press the dashes and now you can see all the exercises of your training in short, with the same options as described earlier.

You can now swipe left to move to the next exercise when you’re done with the current one. This allows you to complete the entire workout if you swipe to the next exercise over and over. Most exercises are repeated, and often come back 2 or more times. This has a function: exercises are repeated, so that you train the muscle group thoroughly, or triain your endurance repeatedly for optimal results

After the last exercise you will see a high five drawing, including “exit workout”. Press this, and now I can see you’ve completed a workout in the system


Under schedule, second menu button from bottom left, you see your weekly schedule. I have put the workouts on the schedule. You can move these yourself by pressing the dots to the right of the name of your workout, then “move event”.

I recommend that you use the schedule and plan your workouts. It works well as a reminder. You will also receive a notification. Take the time once a week to plan your workouts for the coming week, it provides structure and support

At the top of the screen you see the option to shift from “day” to “week” if desired.

Tracking (last menu button bottom right):

When you press this, on the next page press “add result” to view and answer the tracking questions.
These are the tracking questions. When you answer them, the results will be visible in a chart for you.

How do you weigh yourself?

As early as possible in the morning, naked, after the toilet and before eating and drinking. This way you have a reliable measurement. Do it once a week.

How do you measure your waist circumference?

Find your hip bone and your lowest rib. The exact point in between these two is where you hold the tape measure. Use a flexible tape measure, not an iron one. Make sure the tape measure is straight and keep a finger between the skin and the tape. Do not keep the abdomen tucked in. I advice doing this once a month.

How do you measure your hip size?

Also do this with a flexible ribbon, not an iron one. Stand by a mirror and look at yourself from the side. The ribbon goes over the thickest part of your buttocks. Now check if the ribbon is straight and put a finger between the ribbon and your skin. You put your feet together. A hip measurement is not necessary for men. I advice doing this once a month.

Progress photos:

Press this and you can add or take photos of yourself. The reason to do this, is to keep track of your physical progress. When taking progression photos: always do it at the same time of the day, in the same place and on an empty stomach. Only then will the conditions be optimal.

Food diary:

Press “add meal” and you can take a photo of your meal

You can link the food tracker app Myfitnesspal, if you have an account:

1. In MFP go to “Settings”

2. Go bottom left to Diary, set it to “public”

3. Log in to your computer in PT distinction with your email address and password. Go to: This is what the desktop environment looks like.. On the right of the screen you see “addons”

4. Click on the MFP icon (or Fitbit or MyZone, you can also link these apps) and follow the steps.

Using the program on a desktop or laptop computer

Log in via the desktop in the environment of my app. Go to: and log in with your email and password. Here you also have the options to change your password.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!