About me

I am a certified personal trainer and weight consultant. Since 1999 I have been helping people get fitter, slimmer and stronger. My approach is positivity.

Beginner or advanced, I will ensure that you become familiar with the exercises and learn the right technique, so that you feel confident and positive about yourself.


Illustration: Devon Ress
Outfit: LPRD
Photography: Nuri Golightly
Website: Jean-Paul Mau-Asam
Thanks to: Esther Zafrani

How does it work?

If you register via this page, I will send you an intake form. Once the form has been completed, we make an appointment for the intake, either online or in person. During the intake I will ask you some questions about the form you filled in, we do a few strength or enduring tests and body-measurements. After this we start with your training, which I personalize for you, tailored to your goals and wishes.

I work with a trainings-app, which contains your schedule with videos and detailed explanations, so that you can train independently. During our training sessions online or in person at the gym, I will teach you the right technique and we will gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.  The goal is to make you stronger and/or fitter. During our training sessions we will keep track of your progress and if desired we will also optimize your diet.


The training depends on your training goal. I always try to take into account the preference of the customer. If you don’t like running, I’ll find something else you like. Because of my years of experience in fitness, but also as a group lesson teacher (spinning, pilates, boot camp, shape, step, aqua fitness) I have a large repertoire of exercises and there will be lots of variation within our sessions together.

Training in the Westerpark and small group training are also possible.

Duo training is also possible, get fit with your friend or partner.

Besides being a personal trainer, I am also a weight consultant and I offer online or personal nutritional advice. I always work with my customers existing diet and make changes from there. 

Exercise can do a lot for you, not just for your looks. It can enrich your life mentally and arm you against stress and setbacks, as you become stronger and more confident.  Send me an email at sita@sitawillemse.nl, Hope to see you soon 🙂